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What’s Available

Addiction Counseling

Offering services that work for you!

  • Assessments: average 1.5 hours and cost $125).

  • Individualized Telehealth outpatient sessions available (sessions average 45-50 minutes). Typical sessions cost $85.00 per session.

  • Collaborative treatment plans that empower you and embrace your strengths to reach your goals.

Mindful Movement for Recovery and Wellness
(Coming Soon)

  • Mindful movement practices are an invitation to allow the practice of yoga to teach you to be present and not avoid feelings or emotions that arise.

  • These practices will encourage the awareness of body, mind and emotion while utilizing the breath and body to anchor to the present moment. 

  • In these classes, you will learn to tune into body sensations, regulate your nervous system with your breath, observe your mind and sit with difficult emotions without judgement. 

  • You will be invited to take away grounding and mindfulness tools that can be used on and off your yoga mat. 

"Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured."

~BKS Iyengar


  • Life Coach options when you don’t need a diagnosis, you just need extra support going forward.

  • Coaching services focus on current life goals you want to achieve and addressing the barriers that are inhibiting you from getting there.

  • Individualized Telehealth coaching sessions average 45-50 minutes. Coaching sessions cost $85.00 per session.

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