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Lisa Schultz, CADC, MSW, Life Coach



I moved from Minnesota to Reno, Nevada in 1989 and was in the casino and customer service industry for 25 years. I loved interacting with the public and enjoyed listening and engaging with each person I met.


At 35 years old, I decided to put my natural talents toward a dedicated career and got my GED and attended TMCC for my undergrad. I soon realized how important it was to understand the different dynamics of people and how family and systems were such a huge factor in outcomes and coping with life. In 2014, I attended and graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with my bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies as well as completing my coursework for and being credentialed as a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. I have worked with many agencies in the community and realized how few options there were for addiction treatment. In 2016, I opened Wise Choice Counseling and offered alcohol and drug counseling, SMART Recovery, grief support, and domestic violence groups.


Experiencing how many barriers were in place with my bachelor’s degree, and wanting to be more effective in my community, I decided to return to school in 2017 for my master’s degree in Social Work, at Our Lady of the Lake University. Due to the extensive work and internships, I made a difficult choice to close Wise Choice Counseling and focus on school. After receiving my license in social work, I went in a new direction and worked as an outpatient oncology social worker for two and a half years; supporting my patients and their families as they went through cancer treatment. Loving the work with my patients and families, I decided to make another shift in my career and do what I was meant to do; I moved forward, and I am currently working on my licensure as a clinical social work therapist intern.


As I move forward in my clinical licensure, I also continue to have a deep desire in helping people in areas that do not have a lot of resources. I have lived in Sun Valley since 2005 and have experienced how few services that are available. In February of 2023, I decided to open Compass Counseling and Wellness in Sun Valley NV. and I am currently offering addiction counseling, life coaching, and wellness options, via tele-health; It is my hope to increase preventative services, enhance recovery outcome, and encourage general well-being. Compass Counseling and Wellness offers out-of-the-box techniques and evidence-based services to those who are willing to change their current journey, for one of new direction and healthier options.


I continue to specialize in addiction, domestic violence, grief and loss, and have added life coaching for those who want to focus on current needs and goals and may not know where to start. I have also worked closely with Veterans, persons experiencing homelessness, hospice, trauma, cancer, sexual assault, mental health issues, and suicide. I believe each person has the natural ability and strength to overcome and claim a life worth living and I incorporate therapeutic strategies and skills that focus on the person’s strengths, needs, and objectives.


I understand the key to a successful therapeutic alliance and experience begins with an open and inclusive environment where one feels safe, accepted, empowered, and heard. My passions and devotion are to help people gain the awareness and confidence one already possesses within and to start living healthier and happier lives, with less suffering.


How I stay healthy: “The love I have for my husband, family, and friends. Being a grandma. The passion I share with the outdoors when I am: walking through the desert, hiking on a mountain, riding my dirt bike, and camping in the middle of nowhere.”


“Equally important, sharing a smile with a random stranger and knowing that life is ultimately good!”

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